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'Dynamic Admin Panel' is an Admin Panel with both working front-end and back-end. It is created because of frustration with 'static' Admin Panel, which only works on the front-end, and difficult to integrate with back-end (PHP and MySQL).

'Dynamic Admin Panel' main objective is to speed up web development effort by providing configurable and ready modules. Configurations can be made easily using the Control Panel, or programmatically. Use 'Dynamic Admin Panel' to create your own web application with the following benefits:

  1. Speed up web development by using ready module
  2. Make changes quickly and easily using configurable module
  3. Source code available for you to make modifications

'Dynamic Admin Panel' is not a theme or plug-in. It is intended to run on its own and you have to create your own web application using it. 'Dynamic Admin Panel' acts as a 'blank web application' which you can customize to your own needs.

It has several ready modules, which you can use right away and save you time. This allows you to focus on your core web application functionality. Ready modules include User Management, Dashboard, Menu, Options, News and Installer. More modules will be released in the future.

  • Comes with installer, setup is breeze
  • Requires PHP 5.2+
  • Requires PDO_Mysql.
  • Highly configurable config.php (post-installation)
  • Error log mechanism (error.txt) to easily identify back-end problems (PHP, MySQL)
  • Unlimited dashboard
  • Each dashboard can have 1 or more column
  • Each column can have 1 or more portlet
  • A portlet content can be HTML content or URL via AJAX call
  • Drag & drop feature (both on admin and user side)
  • Open & Close a portlet
  • Personalization, it remembers user preference
  • Integrate with Navigation Menu
  • Embed dashboard into any PHP file using generated 'Source Code'
  • Bootstrap menu
  • Support 4 levels of submenu
  • Menu of 4 types: Internal URL, External URL, Parent Menu, Separator
  • Unlimited number of menu, each can have unlimited number of menu items
  • Supports Glyphicon and Font-awesome
  • Re-order menu using Drag & Drop
  • Unlimited number of users and administrators
  • Login, logout, change password, update own profile
  • User administration - add, display, modify, delete
  • User administration - Search for users
  • Disable user (cannot login, but userid is not deleted)
  • Supports 2 roles: ADMIN & USER (more in the future)
  • Retrieve lost password
  • Session timeout, configurable through Option
  • Configurable option, can use Source Code to use in any PHP file
  • Support Option Group, easier to manage and find options
  • Create new Option using provided form
  • Add, Modify, Delete options
  • News administration (add, display, modify, publish news)
  • Control news visible to public/ login users / both
  • Control publish date, only appear during publish duration
  • Automatically added into front page

What's new with 1.0.3 release

New! Access Control List (ACL)
  • Uses Zend Framework ACL classes.. very flexible and proven
  • Create unlimited number of Roles
  • Each user is assigned a Role
  • Define Resource and Privilege, easily change using Checkboxes
  • Built-in Integration with Menu (decide which menu visible to which role)
  • Source Code Generator, place anywhere once and change access without coding
  • Created sample/sample_acl.php to demonstrate how to use it

Dynamic Admin Panel


admin / password

If you cannot login or wants the default data, reset the data first before trying the demo. This happens when somebody else make changes to the demo, including changing password and removing data.

Reset Demo Data


If you need assistance, please email me at selemann @